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Titans came dangerously close to wiping out all human life a few hundred years ago. Titans generally stand many stories tall, give off the impression that they are completely devoid of intelligence, consume human beings, and, what's more, appear to do it more for the sake of enjoyment than as a means of subsistence. A small fraction of the human population managed to live by hunkering down in a city that was surrounded by walls that were so tall that they were higher than the largest Titans. A fast forward to the present day reveals that the city has not witnessed the appearance of a Titan in over a century. Eren, a little boy, and Mikasa, his foster sister, are present as a Colossal Titan materializes out of thin air and proceeds to destroy the city walls. Eren and Mikasa are horrified by what they see. As the city is overrun by smaller Titans, the two children watch in terror as their mother is consumed by one of the larger Titans. Eren makes a solemn oath that he will exact revenge on behalf of all humanity by slaying each and every Titan.

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